Is it Time?
Questions Questions Questions!

Is anyone really ready to get divorced?

It is without doubt one of the most stressful things that you will do in your lifetime.  Here are some questions that you should answer before you dare mention the word out load!

1.  Do you still have feelings for your spouse?
2.  Were you ever really married?
3.  Are you truly ready for divorce or are you just threatening?
4.  Is this a sincere decision based on self-awareness or just a emotional reaction?
5.  What is your intent in wanting a divorce?
6.  Have you resolved your internal conflict over the potential divorce?
7.  Are you prepared for the unpleasant consequences of divorce?
8.  Are you ready to take control of your life in a responsible and mature way?

By answering these questions honestly you will be able to reach a decision and will know if you ready to be divorced.
The Path to Divorce

Most couples, both young and old, who begin a divorce are unprepared and are often not even on the same page when they begin.  If you have answered the questions and are serious about discussing divorce with your spouse, it is probably a good idea for them to answer the questions too!

It is this lack of preparedness and readiness for a divorce that either causes marriages to end prematurely or divorces to deteriorate into competitive screaming matches.

The decision to obtain a divorce is one of the most serious decisions a person can make with consequences that last for years or a lifetime if the union has children.

Once you are both prepared and ready, you can start on the divorce pathway by both being in agreement and this will eliminate most of the emotional and financial struggles that cause divorces to become adversarial and ruthless.
Start Googling!

There are thousands upon thousands of articles online about divorce, and why it happens, when it happens and the questions you should ask yourself.

Fact is, only you will know if it is time for the Big "D", and only you will know when you are prepared to take the first step to ending your marriage.

You should know that we are at the end of the phone for you and want to make the path a little smoother for you by answering all of your questions.

Call us on 1800-DIVORCE and start getting the answers that you need.