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Provides early indications
$$$ Practice Revenue
Adaptable to almost all medical branches
In 15 minutes identify patients at risk
Approved by Medicare
Features & Benefits
VitalScan Combo Pro +…
...a valuable ANS and Sudomotor testing tool in
diagnosing hidden illnesses
Having the ability to quickly and easily test patients and receive immediate comprehensive interpretive reports after is invaluable to medical practitioners.
The eVox system is a state-of-the-art hardware and software system that allows for training of the brain and cognition using electroencephalography (EEG) and electrocardiography (ECG).

The eVox system is designed to help facilitate early and continuous understanding of changes in cognitive function.  eVox allows primary care physicians, Neurologist, Psychiatrist, and other specialists to monitor dynamic changes that take place throughout the brain during cognitive processing tasks.

eVox does not require a physician to operate the device and has received FDA 510(k) clearance to aid in the diagnosis of memory loss and other cognitive disorders.

Test length 25 minutes so it is perfect for primary care and specialty physicians who see patients with memory loss symptoms.  No prior neuroscience expertise needed.

Approved by Medicare and all major commercial carriers and the average Medicare reimbursement= $739 Commercial carriers up to $1,800
eVox System…
...Helping Physicians Objectively and Optimally Manage Memory Loss, Cognitive Impairment, and Other Stress-related
Conditions with Biofeedback
The eVox system is a device that provides biofeedback data to help physicians objectively measure and optimally manage memory loss, cognitive impairment, and other stress-related conditions.
First and foremost we assign a special team for you. This team will be formed bearing in mind the unique parameters of your billing process; like your specialty, patient volume, average number of claims generated, average days in A/R of your old claims, your denial rates, your preferred insurances etc. Your specialized team would consist of some of the most experienced and skillful professionals in the field.

The team assigned to you would be unique catering to your needs mainly to provide the best with maximum revenue.

The structure of the team is designed with a "manufacturing assembly-line" approach. Each individual looking into a particular aspect of revenue cycle management; like claims submission, claims follow-up, claims denial follow-up, patient balance collection etc. We do this, because like a true business consulting company we believe in the concept of core competency of each individual within a team, but know that ultimately the sum of the parts will be greater than the whole in a team setting.
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